About EBLounge

Welcome to EBLounge!  I'm EB, former Miami and ATL musician now in Kansas City.

I'm a jazz, lounge and contemplative pianist creating content for YouTube, Twitch and music streaming platforms.  As a career musician for many moons, I worked the gigging circuit and played all kinds of shows. When I moved to KC, I had two goals: 1) create my own performance opportunities, and 2) do the same for other musicians.

We launched EBLounge in 2021 to help accomplish those goals.  We initially focused on creating a piano lounge experience in a livestream format.  I later realized that, after thousands of shows performing covers and standards the last two decades, I was also missing my first love: writing, recording and performing original material. 

In September 2023, we redesigned our lineup and created a new show, Storytime. Storytime is our collaborative livestream where we bring in top-notch singer-songwriters to perform their original songs and share the stories behind them. 

The fantasy tavern stage where we perform and the Star Wars-bedecked studio where I record are my eight-year-old self’s wish fulfillment. 😊

If live original music in a fresh setting by some of the best indie songwriters on the planet sounds like something you’d enjoy, join us for Storytime! Just please don't feed the dragon... ;) 

Pop into a piano lounge stream and request your favorite tune!

Watch me record with session musicians from all over the world in a studio stream!

See you soon, Lounge Lizards! -eb

About EB

"The Ted Lasso of Piano Lounge"

EB is a contemplative jazz pianist, composer, producer, and livestream and house concert promoter based in Kansas City.

Wherever EB has found himself over the years – growing up in the rolling fields of the rural Midwest, studying jazz and Latin music amidst the clubs and beaches of Miami, tasting the many flavors of gospel in the “New South” of Atlanta, exploring bluegrass and contemplative music in the Blue Ridge Foothills of the Carolinas, or bringing both his music and life full circle to one of the birthplaces of the blues, his new home of Kansas City – he has embraced each culture's sound, letting it inform, shape, and serve his life ambition: to create musical moments that invite us to connect , contemplate, and converse.