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Urban Contemplatives (UC) provides resources and regular events to learn contemplative practices commonly found in Christian tradition. While the Christian Church has practiced contemplative prayer since its inception, much of that tradition has been lost in the worship expressions of churches today.

Meanwhile, Western culture’s addiction to media and technology has resulted in a severely overstimulated lifestyle; we have no room to mentally, emotionally and spiritually breathe.  In short, our lives are imbalanced, and we lack the spiritual tools to help find that balance.  UC seeks to address this.

UC gatherings create space to safely reflect on our lives in light of the divine.  We listen; God speaks. To help us in this pursuit, we use guided prayers, silence, contemplative music, singing, meditations on scripture, and other practices both ancient and new.

We are not a church.  We seek to help individuals learn and develop tools for contemplative practice in all aspects of their lives and encourage those who are members of a healthy faith community to remain with them.

We are ecumenical, which is just a fancy way to say we don't ascribe to one particular creed, denomination or affiliation.  We welcome you from whatever faith tradition you practice and seek to affirm the rich diversity of Christian thought and expression.  We desire unity, not conformity.  If you are coming from a position other than Christianity, we welcome you and invite you to join us in our pursuit of encountering the divine.

If you are:
-    Seeking ways to help navigate the overstimulated lifestyle of 21st century culture
-    Looking for a supplemental spiritual experience focusing on contemplative practice with a Christian emphasis
-    Searching for others who enjoy and celebrate diversity within unity

We invite you to join us at our next Urban Contemplatives gathering!



Larkin's Sawmill, 22 Graves Dr, Greenville, SC

Ages 12+.

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